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Google’s New Operating System

So today Google announced that they will be introducing their very own Google Chrome OS.

This follows in the wake of excellent the Google Chrome web browser which was released last year.  Designed initially for netbooks, it appears that the OS will effectively be little more than a web browser.  The beauty of this is that it will be incredibly quick and run on relatively underpowered/old hardware.

As I am getting my head around the idea of managing a whole school’s IT budget next year, a FREE and quick OS to load onto older machines seems like a great idea.  Whether it’s ageing laptops or desktops, hopefully this could extend their useful lives by some years.  Sure we won’t be able to fire up Photoshop on it, but over the coming years I foresee the majority of pupils work taking place on the Internet.  This could be just great for running your VLE on.  There will always be a need for one or two clusters of bang up to date desktops, but hopefully more innovations like this will help stretch our budgets.

So that’s two exciting looking new products from Google in the last two months (after last month’s Google Wave), can they do no wrong?

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