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cre8ate maths

Cre8ate maths is a fantastic set of rich mathematical activities developed by the Centre for Science Education (CSE) with the mathematics lead from the Mathematics Education Centre (MEC), of Sheffield Hallam University.  They have been created to support schools in Yorkshire & Humberside, and are focussed on the 12 priority industry sectors of the area.  Activities are based around the chemical industry, food production, childcare and many others.

There is a great diversity of mathematical skills covered, each activity is clearly tagged with the mathematical skills involved and at first glance there are activities to suit key stages 3 to 5 (11-18yrs).  I am particularly impressed with the productions values of the activities, they look very professional and wherever possible draw in real life information and examples.  Each task comes with detailed teacher notes offering specific guidance on the task and also extension ideas.

Here is an example of one of the easier activities:

I’m most impressed with these resources and I look forward to trialling some of them with my new classes next month.  Go and check them out yourself, the site requires you to register, but it’s completely free.

I have added each activity to my delicious account so that they pop up in searches when I am planning lessons.  Incidentally, if you were part of my ‘spmaths‘ delicious network I have now moved to ‘mrstuckemaths‘ as the other account was linked to my previous school.

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