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LEMA – Update – More rich mathematical tasks

The fantastic Manchester collaborative of teachers I have been working with have finished our final set of rich mathematical tasks. I previously blogged about the work we had been doing and provided links to some zip files with the resources.  These seem to have been really popular judging by the traffic on that post.

Read the last post to find out more about these resoruces.

Here is a complete download list of the tasks that we’ve produced:

Y7 Core, Y7 Support, Y8 Core, Y9 Support, Y9 Core, Y9 Extension.

If you find any of these useful then please leave a comment and I’ll pass it on to the rest of the team.

Finally, these are hosted on the fabulous Dropbox.  My account is nearly full, if you want to sign up for 2Gb of free online storage that automatically synchs with your computer then could you please do it via this link, it’s a great service and everyone who does so via that link will give me an extra 250Mb of storage for free – thanks in advance 🙂

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