Thanks for stopping by at this little old corner of the internet. Here you’ll find the latest, and oldest of my witterings that have been spread across the internet.

I am; in no particular order; a father, husband; former-teacher; mathematician; data maestro; runner and a bit of a geek. I now work in the private sector supporting MATs with data analysis software after 18 years as a teacher and senior leader in secondary education. My teaching career was based around Maths & Computing within Greater Manchester & West Yorkshire.

We’ll see how this site develops again now I’ve revived it. It’s likely to become a place for occasional comment on analytics, education, running right through to gaming and other interests. I’ll also cross post anything I write elsewhere. The 2022 Musk induced Twitter nightmare shows it’s time to reclaim one’s own online writing and identity again.

This blog now contains a record of my blogging since way back in 2007. I’ve collated as many posts as I could from my old EduBlog, from my first WordPress, from my Tumblr blogging days (at this URL) and posts from other scattered sites like Medium and LinkedIn.

I am @danielstucke on Twitter, although am in the process of leaving that as nothing more than a tool for work promotion. If you want discussions and the ‘real me’ then I’m on Mastodon and enjoying life their like it’s ’06 Twitter times!

All opinions on this blog are my own and do not reflect the views of anyone who I work for or with.

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