How To Get Started With Mastodon – Educator Edition
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How To Get Started With Mastodon – Educator Edition

So you’ve decided it’s time to get started with Mastodon but don’t know where to begin? Whether you’re dipping your toe into the ‘fediverse’ or leaving Twitter behind forever, this is a quick guide from my experience of leaving edutwitter and re-finding some joy in social media.

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Leadership Lesson – Strong Positions, Weekly Held

Strong Positions, Weakly Held 2 min read Starting a new job as Vice Principal at a new school, doing my NPQH, reading profusely and collating 9 years of blog posts into this one site have made me realise how my views on education have changed over recent years. Without blowing my own trumpet this post struck…

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Diagnostic questioning #Computing style

Back in September I was keen to get the Computing teaching community to work together to write a bank of high quality multiple choice questions. In fact, rather poorly, it was the last thing I wrote on this blog! Head back to see why I think that good quality MCQs can be an invaluable part…

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Medium as a platform for writing in schools How original. A first post on Medium, all about Medium. I think every time I use a new platform I end up discussing the platform itself. Nevermind, why break the habit of a lifetime! As so often when exploring a new tool online my thoughts drift to if/how…

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How to mix Maths & Computing using Scratch

I have the pleasure of teaching two great Year 9 classes this year. One is a fabulous Maths group that I have taught for the past two years, another is an ICT taster class (we have brought taster options into Year 9 this year, allowing students to get a taster of KS4 courses – this…

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Mobile, Personalised Learning – The Essa Academy

These are my notes from a fascinating day at the Essa Academy, courtesy of Apple. We were treated to a tour and talks by a number of staff including the Principal – Showk Badat, Abdul Chohan & Jeff Ellis. I was fascinated by not just the integration of mobile technologies (they are famous for giving every…

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IT Provision in Secondary Schools in 2011

Another what’s the best way forward? blog post where I try and dissect my own thinking on what IT provision should look like in a Secondary School in 2011.  Continue the current mix of laptop trolleys and IT suites or move towards a 1 to 1 environment of tablets or laptops? Financial Planning This year so far…

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The Village – A Great Idea – Your Help Requested

I was delighted to be contacted last week by one of our Humanities staff with the following email: I presented Project 8’s new learning platform for next year, ‘The Village’ in the Humanities teachers toolbox on Tuesday. Our idea is for us to set up an imaginary world where students can create a community, developing…