How To Get Started With Mastodon – Educator Edition
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How To Get Started With Mastodon – Educator Edition

So you’ve decided it’s time to get started with Mastodon but don’t know where to begin? Whether you’re dipping your toe into the ‘fediverse’ or leaving Twitter behind forever, this is a quick guide from my experience of leaving edutwitter and re-finding some joy in social media.

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Leadership Lesson – Strong Positions, Weekly Held

Strong Positions, Weakly Held 2 min read Starting a new job as Vice Principal at a new school, doing my NPQH, reading profusely and collating 9 years of blog posts into this one site have made me realise how my views on education have changed over recent years. Without blowing my own trumpet this post struck…

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Diagnostic questioning #Computing style

Back in September I was keen to get the Computing teaching community to work together to write a bank of high quality multiple choice questions. In fact, rather poorly, it was the last thing I wrote on this blog! Head back to see why I think that good quality MCQs can be an invaluable part…

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5 minute lesson plan – iPad Edition

5 Minute Lesson Plan – iPad Edition I love the 5 Minute Lesson Plan, the wonderful TeacherToolkit should be very proud of it. It’s all but superseded our school lesson plan proforma for most staff and I can understand why. The best medium I’ve found to date for using it is the good old fashioned…

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Medium as a platform for writing in schools How original. A first post on Medium, all about Medium. I think every time I use a new platform I end up discussing the platform itself. Nevermind, why break the habit of a lifetime! As so often when exploring a new tool online my thoughts drift to if/how…

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Edtech Cynicism

1. Lots of people will do small-scale innovative projects with no funding or resources, because they love trying new things and doing awesome stuff.2. Some companies or institutions will “invent” or “discover” something that one or more of these people have been doing, and it will be branded as their own.3. This branded “innovation” will…

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Our New ICT Curriculum #ICTCurric

Probably worth reading my last post about the disapplication of the previous ICT Program of Study and our plans to take it’s place at KS3 before proceeding with this one. So what have we done in the 4 months since my last post? Our fabulous ICT Department have thrashed out what we believe to be…

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How to mix Maths & Computing using Scratch

I have the pleasure of teaching two great Year 9 classes this year. One is a fabulous Maths group that I have taught for the past two years, another is an ICT taster class (we have brought taster options into Year 9 this year, allowing students to get a taster of KS4 courses – this…