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New ActivBoard Software Incoming

My Promethean Activboard is great, I need a new projector, but I’m a big fan of the boards and the software.  So I’m quite excited that there is some new software incoming.  I’m really pleased that I’ve been offered an early download of the software.  Canny marketing work by Promethean offering the software to bloggers early, but I’m not complaining!

A little Googling has thrown up some rumours about the new software.  It would appear to fully integrate the ActiveExpression ‘clickers’ which I’m not lucky enough to own.  Other rumours suggest that, at long last, the software will enable multi-touch input.  This will be fantastic news if it is true.

I’ll report back soon with early impressions.  What improvements would you like to see in the software?

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  1. FYI: It is now available as a public preview/BETA until March – for user feedback and refinement.

    You can download it now from:

    Overview on blog here:

    Plenty of lively user discussion in the Promethean Planet Forum around this release:

    Mark Robinson
    Head of Education Product Strategy

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