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Editorial (iOS App) Tags

I’ve been using the excellent Editorial app on my iPad increasingly for all my writing and note taking needs. Editorial is a geeky combination of text editor and Python programming playground. You can create or install workflows that do everything from basic text formatting to highlighting verbs to sharing the text with other services like Evernote. It’s great, particularly if you’re writing for the web as it’s ridiculously easy to use the in built browser to find websites and then quickly copy links across to your writing.

You will quickly grow a large list of workflows that can become quite a pain to navigate. The latest update to Editorial has added tags. My top tip and the point of this post is to recommend that instead of using words to tag your workflows, use the inbuilt Emoji that come with iOS 🔡🔧↗️🔗💻🔎📝. You’ll end up with a simple menu bar that doesn’t scroll way off the sidebar.

I hope someone finds this tip useful!

On the topic of Editorial, here’s my first workflow and here is an extensive review from the fountain of all knowledge on Editorial, @vittici.

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