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Using Google Docs For Shared Revision Lists

I have put together a list of revision topics for my Y11 GCSE class on a Google Spreadsheet.

Pupil names along the top, topics down the side and a set of cells in-between with Red Amber Green conditional formatting.

Once it’s finally unblocked at school (don’t get me started!!) I hope that the class and I can keep track of what they have revised and how happy they are with it in the run up to the GCSE exams in May. To make life easier, I’ve shared it with everyone so that they can all edit it without having to login. Fingers crossed nobody deletes things they shouldn’t!

Here’s a copy so you can see what I’m on about: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pC4ABCj9PtMrQ-bT2dSxMTA

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  1. Hello MrStucke
    I think this is a great idea. Hope it works well for you. It has given me an idea for keeping track of students’ completed exercises next year. Instead of each student having their own individual paper based record, they can all contribute to the combined class record. Keeps track and encourages responsibility. May even add to motivation. I like it!

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