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Doing things differently…

Inspired by my former colleague Mr Hill, I have decided to approach my time with 9X1 a little differently this year.

To cater for the range of ability and learning styles in this class I am going to offer them a platter of resources to learn from and a clear checklist of objectives for each topic.  What they choose to use to meet those objectives will largely be up to them.

I’ll post more on this when time permits.


Creative Commons Image by deadeyebart a.k.a Brett on flickr

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  1. Yes, both are great, I hope to make time to move this blog in the direction of discussing teaching rather than the tools, especially as my attempts to use web2.0 at school are constantly thwarted by our IT!

  2. Thanks for the review Doug! As soon as the edublogs front-end starts letting me log in again (or maybe it’s this aging PC’s fault), I’ll add you both to my blogroll.

    Now there’s a sentence I wouldn’t ever say out loud…

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