Youtube For Schools? Solving a problem that doesn’t exist.

So Google have released Youtube For Schools? http://www.youtube.com/schools. This gives access to all the videos on Youtube Edu, and also others curated by your teachers, specific to your school Google Apps account.

Well that’s lovely. But really. Isn’t it time your school just used the other Youtube For Schools over at http://youtube.com? We’ve been using it freely for years. Nobody has to curate lists in advance. Spur of the moment learning moments can happen all the time. And do you know what? The World keeps turning. Students learn to manage their own Internet browsing. They learn that Youtube comments are something you just ignore. Sometimes they listen to music when they’re working. Life goes on. 

Stop solving problems that don’t exist. Start teaching our young people how to manage their lives online by allowing them to use the tools as they really are.

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