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Teachers in websites closure call

So says the title of another BBC article on the cyber-bullying YouTube problem.

This worries and saddens me as I can see the quick result of this will be even more aggressive and restrictive censoring of the internet by school network managers. There is so much excellent material available on YouTube and other similar sites it is a shame they are nearly always on the banned list of websites.

I think that this is another knee-jerk reaction by the press and by the out-of-touch teaching unions. It is another example where we should be taking a pro-active stance of educating our pupils in the safe and responsible use of the Internet, rather than just blocking access. Stiff punishments of those responsible for this type of bullying need to be applied as they would for any other form.

Admittedly it does sound like YouTube themselves need to improve there systems for the rapid removal of offending videos.

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