A Gift

“It was a gift to us,” she said. “And for him to be so confident and unafraid of death and to share it with other people was so touching.” Ben Breedlove’s Mum. Ben passed away shortly after making these videos. Is this classed as educational? Why are we still discussing filtering YouTube? An amazing resource.


Youtube For Schools? Solving a problem that doesn’t exist.

So Google have released Youtube For Schools? http://www.youtube.com/schools. This gives access to all the videos on Youtube Edu, and also others curated by your teachers, specific to your school Google Apps account. Well that’s lovely. But really. Isn’t it time your school just used the other Youtube For Schools over at http://youtube.com? We’ve been using it freely…

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Two Thought Provoking Discussion Starting Videos

The two following videos have been doing the rounds over the last week in the ‘blogosphere’ (I do hate that word!).  But just because you’ve seen them a couple of times doesn’t mean everyone in your school has – share them with you network now.  We used them both as discussion starters in Leadership Meetings…


Lions & Tigers & Whales!

The BBC has started making available clips from their thousands of hours of wildlife documentaries.  You can choose which clip you want to watch by filtering your search by Animal, Habitat, Adaptation or Location – Geographical heaven, but obviously could be really useful in a number of subjects.  There are 5000 clips available on-line already….