Promotions, Reflections & A Lack of Blogging

Well as the blogging (and Twittering) hiatus shows I have been busy busy busy!  Having made a good start to my new role as Director of e-Learning circumstances have changed a little.  Our school is currently waiting on a decision as to whether we will merge with another local school and become an Academy.  As you can imagine this makes some of the larger eLearning decisions hard to make right now.  I originally wanted a new VLE to be up and running by now but decisions on that will have to wait until an Academy decision.

The second game-changer was that shortly before half term I was offered a promotion!  I had been helping run the Maths department in the absence of an official Head of Department.  After the school unsuccessfully tried to appoint a Head of Department they asked me to take the role AS WELL AS my eLearning role.  And to reflect the responsibility they offered me the chance to do so as an Assistant Head.  All of this is until August 2010.  Obviously the chance to join the Senior Leadership Team at this stage in my career was hard to turn down.

Those working in schools in England will know where much of my focus has been for the past 2 months, getting a handle on the Maths department and all that we do has been my main focus.  I’ve been busy with introducing new assessments and changing many of our KS4 pupils on to the higher tier scheme of work.  I’ve been observing NQTs and been crazy busy with meetings.  Having switched my brain fully into eLearning mode over the last 6 months it’s been quite a challenge re-engaging my Maths brain.

There have been eLearning developments that I will try to blog about over the next few days.  I had been building up a blogging head of steam, which these new responsibilities have curtailed, so once again a New Year’s Resolution will be to blog more.  It’s been 12 months since I moved to my self-hosted blog.  Below is the annual archive of visitors via Clustrmaps:

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