Why The iPad Is Currently The Best 1:1 Solution

Yesterday I posted an article looking at the teaching and learning features and requirements that IT provision supports in schools.  I concluded that if funding can be made to work (and with creative budgeting it’s not as hard as you’d think) that 1:1 is the ideal model.

So that begs the question: What device?

We’ve looked at this in detail at my school, tested devices, read more reviews and reports than you can imagine. I’ve put together a list of technical and practical requirements that are desirable in the 1:1 device and graded various options against them.

Here’s my side-by-side analysis of the options:

1:1 device comparison

As you can see, in my humble opinion, the iPad wins this race at the moment. Without wanting to spark a ‘fanboy’ induced series of arguments, I’m intrigued by others opinions on this. Have I missed any important criteria? I’ve deliberately not included a higher-spec laptop such as a Macbook Air or Windows Ultrabook. I know some schools around the world use these, but they really aren’t a financial option in the UK state funded sector! 

Do you run a 1:1 program or are you planning one? What device are you thinking of?

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