If This Then That – Automating Your Web

I’ve been playing around with a fascinating website called If This Then That http://ifttt.com.  Think of it as virtual gaffer tape that automatically ties all of your online activities together in a myriad of possible ways. When you sign up you then need to connect it to as many of your online presences as you choose, there’s…

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A Progressive Approach To The Internet In School

A post I’ve been meaning to write for many months… Battles: I have had my battles with Internet filtering in the past, but I’m now the man in charge.  Every school I have worked in so far in my opinion has had an old fashioned ‘head in the sand’ view to filtering and acceptable use…

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Twitter in the classroom rocks!

Following yesterday’s use of Twitter in the classroom, I was walking to Period 5 (same class as yesterday) after lunch, when inspiration struck.  I remembered this post from @tombarrett . Go and read it. Go on! I threw my lesson plan out of the window and did exactly what Tom did, here are the replies: (click through for…

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Questionnaires Take 2 with Twitter, Google Forms & Wallwisher

I had an observation lesson today and decided to pull out all the technology tricks!  We happened to be at a point in the scheme of work looking at data handling and collecting data in particular.  I decided I’d develop the Questionnaires lesson which I used at interview last year.  60 minutes should be enough…


Lions & Tigers & Whales!

The BBC has started making available clips from their thousands of hours of wildlife documentaries.  You can choose which clip you want to watch by filtering your search by Animal, Habitat, Adaptation or Location – Geographical heaven, but obviously could be really useful in a number of subjects.  There are 5000 clips available on-line already….