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Facebook Groups in School?

Facebook recently updated their Groups feature.  Allowing finer control over groups which you set up, who can join, who can post, who can share etc..   Their are also improvements to how you are notified about group updates and a new feature called ‘docs’ that provides a Google Docs-esque shared notepad / document. Group chat is…

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Frog Learning Platforms Conference 2010 – Digital Leaders – The Story So Far

Embedded below is the presentation that I will attempt in the Pecha-Kucha style on Tuesday 15th June at the Frog Learning Platforms Conference 2010. For further information on Digital Leaders check out the following links or get in touch with me on Twitter or via the comments below. http://www.mrstucke.com/tag/digital-leaders/ http://kristianstill.co.uk/wordpress/category/curriculum/digital-leaders/ http://digitalleaders.co.uk http://vital.ac.uk/

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Influencing Policy Part 2: Becta-X: Old Conversations, New Connections, Bright Future?

I was honoured to be invited to Becta-X (the x stands for exchange) during the Easter break.  The conference brought together 75 leading educators and 75 leading people from the Media sector.  Thanks to @TomBarrett for getting me the invite – truly much appreciated. The aims of the day were: The way the digital media industry influences…

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eLearning Newsletter Issue 3 – Google Maps & Earth Special

I have just completed the second edition of the SHS E-Learning Newsletter.  This issue’s focus was: Google Maps/Earth Special! MFL – Street View History – Historical Imagery Science – Tours of the World Maths – Collaborative Maps Further Reading / Ideas Check it out here, or sign up for the next edition over on the right in…


Promotions, Reflections & A Lack of Blogging

Well as the blogging (and Twittering) hiatus shows I have been busy busy busy!  Having made a good start to my new role as Director of e-Learning circumstances have changed a little.  Our school is currently waiting on a decision as to whether we will merge with another local school and become an Academy.  As…