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The Fast Lane

Life in the fast lane! CC image by fishtail @ Flickr.com

No post in several months. Certainly not down to having nothing to write about, rather having done so much that I am struggling to find the time and energy to keep up with my blog reading let alone writing.

Since September I have been responsible for eLearning, Maths, data, timetable, marketing and other logistics within our school. Needless to say this has been a leadership baptism by fire.

The opportunity to lead on whole school initiatives is a great privilege, but for a perfectionist and tinkerer it’s difficult. I’m spread frustratingly thinly at times, but I’ve been massively developing my delegation and coaching skills. To get things done effectively I need to rely on my teams to do a lot of the legwork.

Some work and initiatives that I’ve been working on and really need to write about:

  • Pushing results and expectations with Higher Tier GCSE Maths.
  • Setting targets in every subject in every year for every pupil using Fischer Family Trust predictions as a baseline. Developing a more inclusive target setting process from these baseline targets.
  • Publishing school news on a Posterous blog / Facebook page / Twitter account.
  • Training staff with a hands off Youtube based approach (with the help of my blossoming Digital Leaders).
  • Pushing out 50 new MacBooks for our Art & Media department.
  • Replacing a poor thin client installation with 80 ‘net-top’ PCs.
  • Rolling out Microsoft Office 2010.
  • Getting to grips with timetable/rooming/staffing issues.
  • Developing our own Acceptable Use Policy along with introducing our own in-house Internet filtering solution.
  • Applying for a post as Assistant Principal of the Maths, ICT & Business faculty in our proposed new Academy.
  • Preparing to present at the SSAT National Conference with Kristian Still about our Digital Leaders.
  • Using my iPad more and more (writing this on it now!).
  • Oh yes, and getting married took up much of my Summer 🙂

So as you can see I’ve been mighty busy! If something in that list jumps out at you as of interest please leave me a comment and I’ll move it to the top of my ‘to write’ list.

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