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Interview reflection: Part 1:

I was successful in my interview for the post of Director of E-Learning at Stretford High School, I’m delighted and thoroughly looking forward to starting in September.

The day obviously went well, my lesson was praised as being good with many outstanding features, I’ll reflect upon that in Part 2 of this mini-series of posts. Further to this my presentation was praised as being excellent and the interview went well despite my apparent nerves.

I must thank everyone who helped me directly and indirectly to get to this point. I turned to my Twitter network on numerous occasions whilst researching and writing for my application form and whilst putting together my presentation. I must thank everyone who offered advice or opinion, it was all invaluable.

Twitter Mosaic: Make Art from Twitter (and then buy it!)

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It’s difficult to express to people new to Twitter how valuable a network can be. I have a modest 250+ selection of Educators from around the World and gain golden nuggets of information from them on a daily basis.

Further to this I was praised for my innovative ideas and thoughts with regards to developing E-Learning across the school community. Many of these ideas have come from the plethora of blogs that I subscribe to in the excellent Google Reader. This stream of news and ideas from schools across the planet is a source of much inspiration. Although I don’t always read every post that streams through the reader I have been finding the search function increasingly invaluable. Google powered search on just the websites I have chosen, a truly powerful tool.

I think a key part of my new role will be encouraging other members of staff to develop personal learning networks as useful and efficient as my own. I thank you all, and will I’m sure be relying upon you even more come September.

Dan 🙂

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