Hype for Mac – HTML5 Animation For Schools?

Hype for Mac – HTML5 Animation For Schools? This looks really nice. Key-frame animation software on the Mac that creates beautiful looking HTML5 websites. This could be great for the animation units & web creation units of things like OCR Nationals & Creative iMedia. Anyone used this / recommend it?


Jellycam – Free Stop-Motion Animation

This looks like a really nice, simple, FREE tool for stop motion animation with a webcam or image files. Amplify’d from www.jellycam.co.uk { JellyCam } Make stop-motion films with a web-cam or a bunch of photos. No fancy features yet, but great for starting off or mucking about. FREE. See more at www.jellycam.co.uk   See…

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An ICT Curriculum Fit For 2011 #ictcurric

The silence that has descended on this blog has partly been down to another little change in direction for me as I have taken over leadership of our ICT & Business Studies department.  As a Mathematician by nature this has been an interesting few weeks! Out top priority is to try and deliver an ICT curriculum that…

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#LWF11 David Braben – Frontier Developments & Legendary Games Designer

David is one of our greatest games designers, I was excited to hear him talk as I’ve been playing his games since the 80s! What motivates kids today?  Fame, money, instant gratification.  Not hard work and days of graft.  So are today’s kids doomed? Games are a great weapon for education, as Dawn greatly pre-empted.  Games…

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Digital Leaders

I am excited to have been invited by Kristian Still to be involved with developing the idea of ‘Digital Leaders’ in school.  Digital Leaders is an initiative started by Kristian Still at Hamble College in Southampton. To quote Kristian: “The Digital Leaders are a group of students from Hamble Community Sports College that lead innovative ICT practice…

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Kodu Game Lab – 3D Games Design for School

Kodu is a new game programming language / tool from Microsoft.  It has had a very low-key launch, I came across it as it was featured in the excellent Edge Magazine last month.  Kodu is initially available to the public on X-Box Live Marketplace for about £3.50.  I have been fortunate enough to be allowed…