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Frog Learning Platforms Conference 2010 – Digital Leaders – The Story So Far

Embedded below is the presentation that I will attempt in the Pecha-Kucha style on Tuesday 15th June at the Frog Learning Platforms Conference 2010. For further information on Digital Leaders check out the following links or get in touch with me on Twitter or via the comments below. http://www.mrstucke.com/tag/digital-leaders/ http://kristianstill.co.uk/wordpress/category/curriculum/digital-leaders/ http://digitalleaders.co.uk http://vital.ac.uk/

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Influencing Policy Part 2: Becta-X: Old Conversations, New Connections, Bright Future?

I was honoured to be invited to Becta-X (the x stands for exchange) during the Easter break.  The conference brought together 75 leading educators and 75 leading people from the Media sector.  Thanks to @TomBarrett for getting me the invite – truly much appreciated. The aims of the day were: The way the digital media industry influences…


Influencing Policy? Part 1 – PEN & Dylan Wiliam

First of a two part reflection on my Easter events.  I recently blogged about the Progressive Education Network after they invited me to an event at the House of Commons.  They subsequently invited me to a seminar led by Dylan Wiliam at the Institute of Education in London, conveniently the evening before Becta-X (see part 2 of these posts) I was…


No More Year Zero

I was surprised and honoured to receive an email on Friday inviting me to the House of Commons for the Progressive Education Network Spring Reception this Monday afternoon. I’m bitterly disappointed that the short notice means I will not be able to attend. 🙁 I came across the PEN via a tweet last month.  Chaired by Mike…

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Digital Leaders

I am excited to have been invited by Kristian Still to be involved with developing the idea of ‘Digital Leaders’ in school.  Digital Leaders is an initiative started by Kristian Still at Hamble College in Southampton. To quote Kristian: “The Digital Leaders are a group of students from Hamble Community Sports College that lead innovative ICT practice…

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Twitter in the classroom rocks!

Following yesterday’s use of Twitter in the classroom, I was walking to Period 5 (same class as yesterday) after lunch, when inspiration struck.  I remembered this post from @tombarrett . Go and read it. Go on! I threw my lesson plan out of the window and did exactly what Tom did, here are the replies: (click through for…

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Questionnaires Take 2 with Twitter, Google Forms & Wallwisher

I had an observation lesson today and decided to pull out all the technology tricks!  We happened to be at a point in the scheme of work looking at data handling and collecting data in particular.  I decided I’d develop the Questionnaires lesson which I used at interview last year.  60 minutes should be enough…

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Home Access – Free Computers & Internet for Low Income Families

Gordon Brown finally announced the Home Access programme last week. Organised by Becta this scheme will provide 270,000 households with a voucher that is redeemable for a computer along with 1 year’s Internet access, a suite of software and also support. Families will be eligible if they have a child in Years 3-7, they have not…