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#LWF11 Ray Mcguire – Sony Vice President Sony UK

Inspired by Ewan McIntoshDavid Muir to blog while I watch at Learning Without Frontiers 2011, instead of making notes and probably never getting round to blogging them!
Ray started by talking through the position of Sony within the industry and then talking through his daughters life mapping key tech developments such as the birth of Facebook and her first mobile phone against pictures of her early years – nice.  Still to this day she is not allowed to use technology in schools.
It’s not long since this technology hit us.  When is the right time to invest in technology as it changes so quickly?
33% drop in ICT GCSE uptake between 2006-2009.  Doom and gloom?  Depends who’s looking at it and what are they looking for?

Government view: avoiding double dip recession and encouraging growth.

Education view, needs to be a commercial relationship.  Infrastructure needs to be in place.  Content is key.  How do we use these things and how do we blend them into the learning environment that we know.  Not changing pedagogy, enhance with rich digital content.  Overlay a web-based area on top of a VLE. Free content, sponsored content, museum content.  PURCHASED content, allowing revenue such as textbooks now.

A can of worms.  Who is responsible?  Who are the stakeholders – all of us!  Funding?

We need value for money, there is a STEM agenda (not well understood), deflated after cuts, relevant content to engage.

How can Sony help?

Private & Public partnership.  Integrate games & interactive media into curriculum.  Promote digital content creation as a career choice.  Bring textbooks to life.

National Digital Curriculum needed.  Broadcast great practice.  Create practice based

Sony will:

Develop Second Sight PSP – great but there are cheaper free version of VR Codes out there now?  Teacher packs for LBP.  Eyepet PS3 AR. LBP best game creation tool?  Sony will collect evidence? Vital for getting government engagement. www.interactivelx.com (iLX) – sponsored by Sony to collate evidence. Also running courses and supporting teaching ideas.

Summary: Time is right now. Can’t wait. Collaboration required. Needs high level endorsement. Needs budget.

Not sure how engaging and interesting this talk was on reflection.  Was a considerable plug for Sony.  But at least a call for more collaboration between the industry and the education sector and an acknowledgement that the government needs to help.

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