From danielstucke.com: A ‘Technical Baccalaureate’?

A ‘Technical Baccalaureate’?:

The education charity Edge, which promotes technical and practical learning and of which Adonis is a trustee, is working closely with the Baker Dearing Educational Trust to come up with such a qualification. Under the plans, seen exclusively by Education Guardian, pupils aged 14 to 16 would spend 60% of their time studying for GCSEs in English, maths, science and another subject. The rest of their time would be taken up with a technical qualification, such as an engineering diploma or a construction course. They would also be expected to study a language, but not necessarily to GCSE standard.

This would be known as a Professional Technical Baccalaureate, and the organisations hope it would be used as a measurement in school league tables, as the Ebacc is now, and offered in all schools.

Whilst I’m no fan of the English Baccaluareate do we need yet another measure that the majority of people aren’t going to understand?

What exactly was wrong with relying on straight up single exam results any way?

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