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eeePC First Impressions

Well my eeePCs have finally arrived at school and I have to say I’m more than impressed.  They may be diminutive in stature but they are feature packed and surprisingly well made for the price (ours were roughly £170 each).

Thanks to Ewan Macintosh for the image. 

So yes, the screen and trackpad are a tad on the small side, but they are quite usable.  The cost and speed saving build of linux works great straight out of the box, although the tech guys at school are finding it a little buggy to get hooked up to the wireless.  They are also avoiding altogether any attempts to access network drives etc for the time being.  Hopefully as uptake grows, so will support for these issues.

Initial impressions from the children are that they love them!  Hopefully I will have them all wifi’d up this week and will be able to start using them on a lesson by lesson basis. Our main first uses will be access to MyMaths.co.uk, playing online maths games as rewards, and I’m looking into copying the videos from our Mathswatch CDs onto them, might have to invest in some headphones for this.

More soon….

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