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Data Analysis Spreadsheet for Edexcel Higher Maths Nov 2010

Edexcel admirably give you access to detailed question by question data from their Maths exams with the use of Results+.  However I have always found that it does not come in a format that is particularly useful for teachers or individual pupils.

I have created a spreadsheet that analyses the data at a class and individual level and presents both in what I hope is a helpfully colourful manner.

To use the spreadsheet you need to download the paper analysis from Edexcel for Paper 3 & Paper 4.  Copy and past the raw data into the data entry sheet and watch the magic happen on the other sheets.  The individual sheet should be sized so that you can print the data for each child on 2 sides of A4 paper.

I hope this is of use to other Maths teachers / leaders.  Please feel free to adapt / share as you see fit.

Any questions, feel free to leave me a comment here.  File here: http://db.tt/xevYyYl (data included is anonymised version of my own so you can see what it should look like).

Data Entry Sheet
Class Analysis Sheet
Individual Analysis Sheet

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  1. Interesting, I wonder why you decided to use a spreadsheet for this. It seemed to me that this was more of a database task. I’ve set one up with tables for student, question and the join of these two plus a few extra bits to deal with common questions between papers. I’ll try to put together an anonymised version at some point if you’re interested.
    Regards Geoffrey

    1. Lack of Access skills mainly. Probably would be a more adaptable solution though – you’re right. I’d have no idea how to create a nice Red/Amber/Green report on Access.

  2. Really love the spreadsheet – if anyone does a Foundation version I’d love to have it!
    Makes me wish I had the IT skills to do this kind of thng myself…

    1. Thanks! Yeah if anyone does a Foundation version I’ll happily share it here. We didn’t enter for Foundation in November so I won’t be making one this time I’m afraid. It’s not hard to adapt, really just need those top few rows with N/A/S/D, question topi, question number, question value. The rest is just a little bit of tweaking.

  3. This has helped me as it has cut out my admin, thanks but where is lookup table as I would like to create for foundation tier

    1. To do a Foundation version you need to replace the cells from D5 to CZ7 on the ‘Data Entry’ sheet with the relevant information from those two papers, use the download from Results Plus to get you started with row 8 – the question numbers, then fill in above it. This might extend past CZ7 if there are more questions.

  4. Great spreadsheet, hugely helpful, thanks. Just one query, I followed all of the instructions and managed to put my pupils into the list (161 of them). I got the analysis page working fine, but on the individual tab, I can only select the pupils down to where your final pupil was (row 108). None of my pupils from row 109 onwards appear. I have had a look at the formulas to see if I could alter anything but without success. This will be a problem for other users with large populations, I would be extremely grateful if you could suggest how to remedy this please.

      1. Fixed it now I hope. For anyone interested you need to unlock the sheet, click on the drop down list cell and go to data validation settings and tell it to pick from an extended list.

  5. The class analysis and the colour coding on the data sheets are superb. Thank you. I am having trouble making the individual analysis page work. It is not matching up the scores from the original data sheet and putting wrong class next to name and when selecting the pupils by name it is picking another pupil’s data for that pupil. There is no drop down menu on individual analysis unless I use office 2010. Any advice?

    1. that page will only work on office 2010 or 2007 i think – it’s to do with the conditional averages used to work out the number/algebra etc averages and also the class averages

  6. Thanks for sharing this resource is great.
    I am having problems with the individual reports, somehow the lookup results in the wrong class and sometimes the wrong data. Can anybody help me?

    1. Haha – my new favourite comment ever – thanks!

      I’m sure Edexcel have started writing it, but they have this funny habit of keeping it to themselves until the day of the exam – spoilsports!!

  7. Hi,

    After last years wonderful spreadsheet I am just wondering whether you will be producing a similar spreadsheet for Nov 11 Linear exam that enables results plus data to be imported and analysed?

    Mr P

  8. Is it possible to export marks for each question as a whole cohort, or does this need to be done individually person by person?

    Apologies if this is an obvious question.

        1. log in to results plus. go to results plus analysis. go to downloads. navigate GCSE > November 2011 > 1380 Mathematics. from there you can download a spreadsheet with the question by question marks for each paper.

          Dan Stucke

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