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Covid lost learning quantified

The first genuine pandemic affected exam results are in, as schools (belatedly – well done Capita!) received their KS2 SATs results today. And perhaps unsurprisingly the impact of the lost learning of the past 3 years is clear. 

There have been significant drops in the proportion of 11 year olds meeting expected standards in Maths and Writing, with a small bump in Reading results. 

Such significant changes at a national level, which can be directly attributed to the impact of the pandemic, will undoubtably mean there are huge differences at a local level, between not just local authorities but also individual schools. School level data won’t be published publicly, let’s hope it is also used appropriately by local authorities, MATs, and any other bodies given access to said data.

More details here: Key stage 2 SATS 2022: 59% achieve ‘expected standard’ (schoolsweek.co.uk) & here: Key stage 2 attainment: National headlines, Academic Year 2021/22 – Explore education statistics – GOV.UK (explore-education-statistics.service.gov.uk)

First published on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/covid-lost-learning-quantified-daniel-stucke/

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