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Slumdog Pythagoras – Minimally Invasive Education

Inspired by Sugata Mitra at the SSAT National Conference I decided to try and ape his ‘minimally invasive education‘ within my own Maths classroom. In a really tough December week this two hours shone out as a great teaching and learning experience. Before going any further, please head over to my previous post to read about the inspiration…

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SSAT #NC10 – Sugata Mitra

Bio Sugata Mitra is currently Professor of Educational Technology at the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences at Newcastle University.  He has spent many years in a huge number of research posts.  With regards to education he is most famous for his Hole In The Wall Experiment whereby he put an Internet enabled PC in…

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SSAT #NC10 – Dr David Hemery

Bio David Hemery, Olympic Gold 400m hurdles winner, now working on the 21st Century Legacy as part of the London 2012 Legacy programme. My Notes Dr David Hemery vice chairman British Olympic association. 21st century legacy. www.21stcenturylegacy.com Incredible amount of untapped potential in everyone. Hi achievers have self awareness and self responsibility. Study in sport and business….

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SSAT #NC10 – Dylan Wiliam – Formative Assessment

The first of a series of notes / reflections on sessions at the 2010 SSAT National Conference. Bio Dylan Wiliam has the grand title of ‘Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment‘ at the Institute of Education in London.  He is a former Maths teacher and co-author of the book “Inside the Black Box“.  He is a world renowned expert…

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SSAT National Conference 2010 #NC10 – Initial Thoughts

The SSAT National Conference took place last week at the ICC in Birmingham (a venue rightly compared to Escher’s Relativity!).  I was fortunate to be able to attend as a punter on the Wednesday and as a presenter on the Thursday as we launched the SSAT National Digital Leaders programme! The theme of the conference was ‘Excellence for All’,…


No More Year Zero

I was surprised and honoured to receive an email on Friday inviting me to the House of Commons for the Progressive Education Network Spring Reception this Monday afternoon. I’m bitterly disappointed that the short notice means I will not be able to attend. 🙁 I came across the PEN via a tweet last month.  Chaired by Mike…

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Augmented Reality Maths – Your Ideas Please

I attended a SSAT training day today about ensuring Maths progress for all. This included a 30 minute section about using IT within Maths. During this Paul Hynes from the SSAT demonstrated an augmented reality program that the Trust are currently working on. For those new to the term Augmented Reality it involves overlaying virtual…