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SSAT #NC10 – Dr David Hemery


David Hemery, Olympic Gold 400m hurdles winner, now working on the 21st Century Legacy as part of the London 2012 Legacy programme.

My Notes

Dr David Hemery vice chairman British Olympic association. 21st century legacy.


Incredible amount of untapped potential in everyone.

Hi achievers have self awareness and self responsibility. Study in sport and business.

Be the best you can be! Programme. Aiming to inspire, engage and empower young people.

How to of empowerment is coaching/facilitation and a child centred approach. Generates awareness and responsibility.

Programme involves getting an Olympian into a school to tell their story and then to push back on the pupils to ask them what is their dream and what do they need to get there. how can they empower themselves to get there.

Coaching framework follows delivered through pshe or similar.

Coach Billy “just take the first step”!

Coaching question “What would it take for you to take the first step?” encourage.


David was charming and passionate.  His tales of his coach Billy pushing him to and beyond the limit by asking him to “Just take the first step” were inspiring.

‘Taking the first step’ is at the heart of David’s 21st Century Legacy project.  At heart it involves getting an Olympian or similar successful sportsman in to school to tell their tale of success.  From here support is given to allow teachers to coach pupils, asking them what their dreams are and what it would take for them to ‘take the first step’ on the path to that dream.

All the details of the project are available here: www.21stcenturylegacy.com

Key Questions

How do we remove the barriers to learning? Inspiring dreams and coaching students to take the first step on that path seems like a great way to remove barriers to learning.  Fitted in nicely with this conference theme.

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