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2022 GCSE Exam Results (Data Trends)

This post was written as part of my day job for Community Brands / Assembly: https://assembly.education/exam-results-2022/. Introduction  Last week saw GCSE/BTEC results published to join the A-Level results. Today’s news summary rounds up links to in-depth analysis from around the sector.  A-Levels Recap  The CAGs and TAGs process through 2020 and 2021 saw huge grade inflation…

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How to Analyse Your School Exam Results (Data Trends)

Originally published for Assembly Data Trends series: https://assembly.education/how-to-analyse-exam-results/ It’s been three whole years since we’ve had exam results in England, and what three years it has been! This issue of Data Trends provides 7 top tips on how to analyse and report on your school or MAT exam results this Summer, from our former Vice…

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Crowd-Sourcing Multiple Choice GCSE Computing Questions

A plea to teachers of Computing GCSE, please join an effort to write a bank of high quality multiple choice questions to support the teaching of this course. Why multiple choice questions? There is an increasing body of research and writing showing that skilfully written multiple choice questions are an effective means of developing retention….

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GCSE English Fiasco, seconds out, Round 2!

It’s hard to believe it’s a year since Round 1 of the English GCSE fiasco. Is Round 2 about to kick off? Don’t be surprised if it does! Will teachers and students be knocked out again? Just to recap: The impact of this is still being felt across the Secondary sector. Schools dropped below floor…

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Fizz Buzz Scratch

The title sounds like a nasty affliction – but I actually want to describe a great lesson! I was looking for a nice challenge for my Year 9 Computing class to continue developing their understanding of variables, if statements and loops – ideally moving on to nested statements and loops. As ever Twitter came to…


Playing With Lives – English GCSE Analysis

Yesterday hundreds of thousands of 16 year olds opened an envelope to find out the fruits of the first 11 years of hard work at school. College courses, apprenticeships, jobs and more rested on the grades they had been given in their GCSE exams. The night before they were already panicking that something might be…

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Data Analysis Spreadsheet for Edexcel Higher Maths Nov 2010

Edexcel admirably give you access to detailed question by question data from their Maths exams with the use of Results+.  However I have always found that it does not come in a format that is particularly useful for teachers or individual pupils. I have created a spreadsheet that analyses the data at a class and individual…

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Experiments in Spaced Learning – Initial Impressions

Well today the sun shone down on me and I got a chance to experiment with ‘spaced learning‘ as planned. photo credit: tamakisono Initial gut instinct is that it was a success. Pupils were engaged in the entire process, made clear progress throughout the lesson and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. At this late stage in their…