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Like most teachers I have collected masses of resources over the years and created masses more.  Lots of my resources which I believe to be free of copyright are stored online and catalogued with the excellent www.delicious.com.

As I’m sure most readers are aware Delicious.com is a great social bookmarking website.  It’s a place to save all of your bookmarks online, so that they are accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.  If you’re new to Delicious then this Common Craft video sums it up best:

[youtube x66lV7GOcNU]

I have tagged numerous web based resources along with the specific urls of lots of Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Activstudio files.  The files are all stored on the excellent www.getdropbox.com.

Dropbox gives you 2Gb of free online storage space.  Dropbox works best when you install the client on your computer (Windows/Mac/Linux compatible).  The installer creates a ‘My Dropbox’ folder on your computer.  Anything that you store in this folder is automatically replicated on the Web and on any other machine you install Dropbox on.  This makes it great for synchronising files between different machines.

I have stored all of the resources that I want to share in the ‘Public’ Dropbox folder, this one is viewable by all.

To catalogue a file in Delicious, go to the file, click ‘Copy Public url’ and paste this into a new bookmark on Delicious.

Dropbox Copy url
Dropbox Copy url
Delicious.com save new bookmark
Delicious.com save new bookmark

This bookmark is then tagged with as many descriptive words as possible.

These bookmarks include numerous pdf files from the National Strategies site which I have cut up into manageable parts.  I hope that the National Strategies are happy with this educational use of their, at times, excellent resources.  If any person feels I am sharing material to which they own copyright, or who would like full credit given, please contact me and I will amend it to your wishes immediately.

I have included the tag msow in all of my bookmarks.  I did this as I wanted to be able to differentiate these as bookmarks for teaching purposes (msow originally stood for ‘maths scheme of work’ as there are Delicious links at the bottom of each page of my online scheme of work).

If there are other Maths teachers out there with existing Delicious accounts can I suggest we all agree on a  common tag such as this?  It would make searching for resources more focussed.  A search for ‘Data‘ brings up too many links unsuitable for teaching, but one for ‘Data+msow‘ would just bring up ours.

So if you’d like to join my network, follow the link below.  If you’d like to follow the idea of a common tag for Maths teaching resources then please leave a comment.

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  1. I’ve got 48 people in my network, which makes the RSS stream of links from my network that I check each morning pretty big.

    Trying to get a standard tag though, is a bit tricky. I use “maths“, an email list I’m on wanted to set a standard tag. Rather than tagging with lots of specific tags, maybe Delicious could create an equivalence function where I could say that the ‘maths’ tag I use is equivalent to ‘msow’

  2. Simon, I know what you mean, agreeing on one tag to bind them all is tricky. I avoided ‘maths’ as I thought it a little too generic. But my ‘msow’ is perhaps a little too obscure.
    I like the idea of an overall tag, it would mean you don’t have to check your whole network stream on a daily basis, but could just run a search, knowing that the results all come from teachers.
    Any other opinions on how best to go about this greatly welcome….

  3. Great blog – another uk teacher here. Have you tried diigo.com for social bookmarking? You can also get an educator account so you can get the kids involved. And (as of now), the buggers haven’t blogged it yet. Excellent!

    1. Thanks!
      Have played a little with Diigo, always hear good things about it. Have invested so much time in delicious that I can’t bring myself to move over!

  4. Hi Dan
    I know what you mean about moving from del.icio.us to Diigo as I felt exactly like that. I decided to import all my bookmarks into Diigo but kept my delicious account as a back-up also accessible from my blog. I am now completely converted to Diigo (although I still use my delicious) as it is much more personal when you are trying to find like-minded colleagues. It has a proper profile set up and I also love the group facility which is much more powerful in Diigo. And it has so many other good features…
    icpj (delicious) and Isabelle Jones (Diigo)  

    1. I’ve done the same since writing this post, my general E-Learning bookmarks now go to http://www.diigo.com/user/mrstucke before being forwarded to my delicious account. I’ve kept my Maths specific account at delicious only for now (http://www.delicious.com/mrstuckemaths).

      I’m still not completely sold on Diigo, I think I need to spend a bit more time on the actual website, but time’s been at a premium for the last month or two! I need to delve into the groups a little more.

      Thanks for your comment!


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