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Gapminder Updates – Great for Maths, Science, Geography, Social Studies, History & More!

Scrolling through things I had starred for holiday reading, I noticed that Gapminder.org has been updated.  I have blogged previously about Gapminder and the fantastic Hans Rosling, it is a fantastic tool for visualising a wealth of World data on lovely scatter graphs that animate changes through the years.

Watch one of Hans Rosling’s classic TED talks to see what it’s capable of:

There have been a number of great updates which can be seen in this diagram I’ve borrowed from Gapminder.org:

You can see the blog post detailing these on Gapminder, but to summarise:

How have you used Gapminder in your classroom? I’d be fascinated to hear.

PS: I also note that Google (who bought our Gapminder a few years ago) have a little strangely brought out a very similar tool: Google Public Data Explorer.  This has some nice alternative data sets to investigate.

PPS: Another short Hans Rosling video – just because he’s great 🙂

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