Bravo Mr Gove #schoolstech #ictcurric

Unless you’ve been living under a rock today I’m assuming you’ll have seen some excitable headlines followed by a more detailed speech about the future of technology in education in the UK and in particular the future of the subject of ICT. In a nutshell Mr Gove has scrapped the ICT curriculum, whilst keeping ICT…


Inside the mind of a young rioter #manchesterriots #londonriots

Like most of the UK (and beyond), I’ve spent the last 5 days watching with dismay as England has descended into widespread looting, arson & violence. It’s been a shocking example of just how thin the bubble of civilised society is and just how close we live to something akin to Lord Of The Flies….

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#LWF11 – Lord David Puttnam of Queensgate

Lord David Puttnam, man of many hats, but perhaps pertinently Chairman of Futurelab: Joked that Stephen Heppel and he had have achieved so little in the last 20 years!  Not yet a state where what’s best for the child is also what’s best for the child. Left film industry as it had ceased to be inspirational…

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#LWF11 – Keri Facer, Prof of Education, MMU

Keri Facer. Can’t continue to argue about whether we focus on the individual or whether we use technology to bring learners together. We need to learn to live with connectivity that we’ve never imagined before.  Evolution of non-human-like intelligence. Need a curriculum for collaborative and collective intelligence.  Diminishing economy and rapidly changing aging demographic.  Need to understand the relationships between…

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#LWF11 Katharine Birbalsingh, Teacher & Author

Katharine Birbalsingh, the former Head Teacher famously sacked following her outspoken speech at the Tory Party conference. Started with the story of challenging behaviour in Secondary Schools.  How have we got to this point, a dark age of education?  How can we move schools on into the 21st Century?  Need to equip children with a bag…


Influencing Policy? Part 1 – PEN & Dylan Wiliam

First of a two part reflection on my Easter events.  I recently blogged about the Progressive Education Network after they invited me to an event at the House of Commons.  They subsequently invited me to a seminar led by Dylan Wiliam at the Institute of Education in London, conveniently the evening before Becta-X (see part 2 of these posts) I was…