Inside the mind of a young rioter #manchesterriots #londonriots

Like most of the UK (and beyond), I’ve spent the last 5 days watching with dismay as England has descended into widespread looting, arson & violence. It’s been a shocking example of just how thin the bubble of civilised society is and just how close we live to something akin to Lord Of The Flies….

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SSAT National Conference 2010 #NC10 – Initial Thoughts

The SSAT National Conference took place last week at the ICC in Birmingham (a venue rightly compared to Escher’s Relativity!).  I was fortunate to be able to attend as a punter on the Wednesday and as a presenter on the Thursday as we launched the SSAT National Digital Leaders programme! The theme of the conference was ‘Excellence for All’,…

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‘Computers For Pupils’ rolls out

The £60m 2-year DCSF project has kicked off at our school.  For the uninitiated this is a government funded scheme to put laptops into some of the most disadvantaged homes in the country. To quote: Computers for Pupils Computers for Pupils is a £60 million, two-year programme (2006–2008) aimed at helping some of the most…

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eeePCs gaining ground?

The Guardian has an article today discussing the rapid adoption of eeePCs in schools, apparently with Ministerial support. I’m still impatiently waiting for my 6 to arrive, they won’t be ordered until the school’s trial of Wi-Fi is underway and as with all things in school that is taking longer than expected 🙁 Jonesieboy’s trials…