Hype for Mac – HTML5 Animation For Schools?

Hype for Mac – HTML5 Animation For Schools? This looks really nice. Key-frame animation software on the Mac that creates beautiful looking HTML5 websites. This could be great for the animation units & web creation units of things like OCR Nationals & Creative iMedia. Anyone used this / recommend it?


Jellycam – Free Stop-Motion Animation

This looks like a really nice, simple, FREE tool for stop motion animation with a webcam or image files. Amplify’d from www.jellycam.co.uk { JellyCam } Make stop-motion films with a web-cam or a bunch of photos. No fancy features yet, but great for starting off or mucking about. FREE. See more at www.jellycam.co.uk   See…

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An ICT Curriculum Fit For 2011 #ictcurric

The silence that has descended on this blog has partly been down to another little change in direction for me as I have taken over leadership of our ICT & Business Studies department.  As a Mathematician by nature this has been an interesting few weeks! Out top priority is to try and deliver an ICT curriculum that…