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How To Act On Uncertainty: Agile Data-Driven Leadership (Data Trends)

Education is awash with data. League tables and accountability measures have driven an obsession with headline figures, KPIs and metrics. The associated data collection, presentation and analysis processes consume time throughout the system. Do we collect too much data? Do we wait too long to act upon it? This post is the third of our Challenges…

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Assessing Without Levels – Milestones

Assessing without levels – Milestones At our school we took the decision last Summer to embrace the opportunities available to move away from National Curriculum levels. Our approach isn’t revolutionary, but I think it’s worth sharing. Background I personally felt that there were numerous issues with the old NC levels. They were not as well…

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Diagnostic questioning #Computing style

Back in September I was keen to get the Computing teaching community to work together to write a bank of high quality multiple choice questions. In fact, rather poorly, it was the last thing I wrote on this blog! Head back to see why I think that good quality MCQs can be an invaluable part…

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Crowd-Sourcing Multiple Choice GCSE Computing Questions

A plea to teachers of Computing GCSE, please join an effort to write a bank of high quality multiple choice questions to support the teaching of this course. Why multiple choice questions? There is an increasing body of research and writing showing that skilfully written multiple choice questions are an effective means of developing retention….

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SSAT #NC10 – Dylan Wiliam – Formative Assessment

The first of a series of notes / reflections on sessions at the 2010 SSAT National Conference. Bio Dylan Wiliam has the grand title of ‘Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment‘ at the Institute of Education in London.  He is a former Maths teacher and co-author of the book “Inside the Black Box“.  He is a world renowned expert…